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C. R. Hillenbrand, M.D.

Welcome to my website. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you will enjoy your visit.

C. R. Hillenbrand, M.D. and Stephanie Hillenbrand, M.S.

Hello. My name is Charles R. Hillenbrand, M.D. I am a psychiatrist certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. I am honored to have been named a Distinguished Life Fellow in the American Psychiatric Association.  I specialize in treating patients over age 18 with complicated psychiatric illnesses who have not had good luck achieving remission. […]

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Bird in Sky

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The Office

Bird Lamp

My office consists of  the reception area, and the inner office. The reception area is designed to make communicating about the necessary business of an initial visit flow as smoothly as possible.

Education Links


There are numerous available websites for educational purposes. Authorative resources include: National Institutes of Mental Health: the best available mental health resource.

My Patients

MAYBE YOU KNOW ME: I am a person with a diagnosable mental illness. Maybe I’m your father, your wife, or your daughter. Maybe I work with you. Or I’m your friend. Chances are you care about someone like me. One in five persons in our country, and every fourth family, is affected by mental illness in some way — though many are unaware of how to seek help or lack the knowledge to understand that their problems have solutions. WHAT DO I NEED FROM YOU? I need the same sort of understanding that you’d give to someone with a medical disorder, like a heart problem or hypertension, or to someone recovering from any debilitating physical illness. I may need support from time to time in the places where I live or work or go to school, just like persons with physical disabilities. I need political support to fight the discrimination and stigma that make me a second-class citizen. I need to have access to good treatment services in my community so that I can lead an independent and productive... 

Educate Yourself

Moo Mew

Moo, or Mew?

Photo: “Should a patient be treated with counseling or with medication?” is a common question. A psychiatrist conversant in Zen Buddhism would answer, “mu“. This answer is a Zen technique for unasking the question. It means that the question is not valid. Both counseling and medication are important aspects of treatment. Outcome research in patients with mood disorders consistently indicates that illnesses respond fairly well to counsel alone,... 


Apples and Oranges

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?  A psychologist may have a Bachelors degree after 4 years of college (BA, BS), a Master degree after another 1 or 2 years (MS Psy, MS Psychol, &c), or a Doctorate degree after another 2 to 3 years (PhD, PsyD &c). A psychologist studies human behavior, both normal and abnormal, and may specialize in psychological testing (psychometrics) or specialize in testing for subtle types of brain damage (neuropsychological... 



What is Mental Health? The term “mental” comes from the early 15th century, from the Middle French word mental, from Late Latin mentalis “of the mind,” from Latin mens (genitive, mentis) “mind”. In turn this comes from the IndoEuropean base stem *men- “to think” (confer Sanskrit matih “thought, mind,” Gothic gamunds, Old English gemynd “memory, remembrance,” Modern English mind (n.)). “Health” comes... 


901 W. Biesterfield Road
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Elk Grove Village, Illinois


847.437.7172 (office)


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